More than 20 years of experience
in the service of the teams, the managers and the leaders

Our Method

Team Cohesion was created in 2005, but the co-workers, who are part of the company, work in team cohesion, team building, professional coaching and events animations since already 20 years.

Our various interventions lean on the potential strength of the group as entity by the improvement of its cohesion, with the objective of increasing the collective efficiency with court, average and long terms.

A group can be really considered as cohesive if its members take pleasure to associate (social cohesion) and if they work at the same time to reach a collective objective (operating cohesion). Nowadays, even if the practices of internal management tend to evolve within companies, the part dedicated to the development of the well-being and the social relationships within the workgroup remains still underexploited.

We are inspired by the model of Bruce Wayne Tuckman (“Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing –Adjourning”) to build our strategies of intervention and build our range of services. We are able of accompanying you be means of team building, professional coaching and events on the various stages of maturity of your teams.

Our methodological approach is based on listening, the research of the solution and for the “made to measure” offers. We are all the time looking for new products and technological innovations in our various jobs. We are present on all our events, whatever the size of the event is.

Thanks to the fact that we respond to the event agencies criteria, we work with our own brand which gives a trust, a transparency and a professionalism guarantee.

Team Cohesion offers you an original and personalised service: you do enjoy and we oversee the remainder.

We offer you our skills, our partners network and our practical knowledge. Our organization's flexibility and the technologies' performances we use make us able to do animations in local places but also everywhere in France and sometimes in other countries.
Our clientele is composed of a lot of foreigners, all our animations can be done in English language.  Most of companies which trust us are now aware the significance of team building activities, professional coaching or team event animations about team cohesion and training of their employees.

All the animations we propose you about team building or event animations, in Toulouse or in Midi Pyrenees, vary a lot.  Most of the time they are "made to measure" and planned according to your expectations and to your budget.   
Our objective is to create and/or develop team skills to improve cohesion, harmony, support, mutual assistance and collective work inside your company. Once the activity is finished, the participants can discover that they got new skills because they had to face together new unknown situations.