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Belbin méthod


Team cohesion is a subject quite bandied and convoluted. In most cases, a single training intended for solving a communication issue or a need for people to better know each other, is not enough to do team cohesion.

There are some prerequisites :

  • . A real motivation and a need of working together
  • . Recognition of each participant of his/her job and of his/her skills
  • . A participants' number is limited (maximum 9 people)
  • . Each member of the team is aware that, in order to create team cohesion which means developing a link between them, they have to focus their effort on behaviours and feelings.
  • . Their goal is to be a real team that is to say the collective result means something for them and has to be better that the individual results.

7 key points for a team cohesion meeting's success

  • . The importance of doing a diagnosis in advance in order to estimate the team's maturity and also to clearly define the meeting's objectives.
  • . The boss has to be part of the team and has to be ready to be on the "same level" of the other members of the team.
  • . Having at your disposal a tool or a method for working behaviours of the members. The Belbin method and the Interplace tool, are for us the most appropriate ones.
  • . Starting by giving some meaning and a shared vision.
  • . Encouraging the learning process thanks to roles playing and cohesion exercises.
  • . Establishing the advancement about cohesion means (complementarities/communication/trust/alternating leadership/common objective)
  • . Defining the follow-up method. The seminar is first of all an understanding, a reflection and a commitment step, and so the follow-up is absolutely necessary to establish changes.

Including a team building animation

A team building animation is an authentic supplement to create a real cohesion, by giving an experience really different from daily life at work, in order to take a global overview of the team's operating and to try out the changes. Team building animations can be done indoor or outdoor, there are some examples :

Team Cohesion : What does it mean ?


  • . Art and media team building
  • . Fun and/or sportive team building
  • . Adventure and discovery team building
  • . Serious game...
  • . Construction team building

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