More than 20 years of experience
in the service of the teams, the managers and the leaders

Team Cohesion : team building and event activities Toulouse

Team Cohesion was created thanks to the meeting of professionals of events entertainment, professional coaching (of team of manager and leader) and communication.

Our job: Working with our customers on the processes of team cohesion in their companies.

Our approach rests on the control of the development’s mechanisms of the team cohesion and the collective efficiency:

  • The importance to look after the relation manager – collaborator.
  • The necessity to conveying collective values.
  • Sharing a common objective
  • The obligation to take care the working atmosphere

Our action rests on 3 foundations:

  • The Team Building which allow to work on the various stages of development oh the teams.
  • The professional coaching or the art to help a person (a team) to find its own solutions.
  • The event entertainment which allow the managers as the teams to celebrate, to thank and to unite.

We offer a wide range of team building activities and events animations “directly from producer to consumer”.

We are designers, producers and directors of our animations. Most of them are 100% customizable, they can either be fun and recreational or well thought out and designed to support training actions or teams coaching (team boosters).

We help you to make some sense and some content to your team building and to your event animation but also in the process of personal development of your managers and teams.

We offer you real marketing tools and human resources, our interventions to your teams or to your customers get a strong affective influence and most of the time are a roaring success.

We stimulate the integration’s feeling to you company, we create team cohesion and team collaborations by creative and participative animations.

All our team building or animations can be done in English language.